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So the basic question is, how can I make table nicely copy pastable from IE to Excel or OpenOffice calc. The page is located here:

The table is created dynamically by PHP code. There's a button with tekst "Vali tabel!" which means, it selects the table. Then I want to copy it, for example using CTRL+C and paste it into a spreadsheet.

What are the best options? Should I create a hidden div what then has the same Data like in the table but formated other way?

Also, anyone knows how to make the "Vali kõik!" button work so, that it would automatically copy the contents to the clipboard?

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Why not modify your PHP script to write the page content directly to Excel, writing the content to excel cells rather than HTML where you're writing to the <td> elements, then set the headers to download it... so passing an additional 'format' parameter to your script could determine the output format as HTML of XLS. The PHPExcel library offers the capability of generating XLS files in pure PHP. A link on your HTML page could then offer the option to recreate the output directly as an XLS file for download, rather than copy-and-paste.

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@mark-baker Let me give you more information about background. ATM an accountant make spreadsheet based on the ECB currencies homepage located but this is not like the table she needs, she needs table like in my previous link. So she creates it in Excel, adding the missing text and also by choosing only currencies needed. Then when the table is done, looks same like on my page, she copies it from Excel to SAP. My target is, that accountant can straightly copy from there to SAP. I didn't write it before,cause its complex. – Marko Apr 4 '11 at 17:13
Surely then the best option is to transfer the data from the original Excel file directly to SAP using tools such as BDC, CATT, LSMW that are part of SAP itself - instead of using all these intermediate layers of complexity – Mark Baker Apr 4 '11 at 17:39
@mark-baker - I am not familiar with those tools. To be even more precise, the accountant is my fiance, so I am trying to make her job little bit easier. Althought I don't have an access to SAP. – Marko Apr 5 '11 at 4:50

In my experiences copying from html pages is best done through a text editor that doesn't have formatting. This way the content is usually delimited in some kind (tab usually) that makes pasting to a spreadsheet much easier.

  • Copy table from browser
  • Paste in notepad, select, copy again
  • Paste in Spreadsheet application

Might not answer your question directly but if you somehow can make the data copyable as plain text with tab delimiter (as in a hidden div or something) - you would probably have greater success in pasting it into spreadsheets that supports all kinds of formatting.

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Yes, I know this way. My target is to make copyin this table to excel as easy as possible. So using notepad for this process is not the way out. – Marko Apr 4 '11 at 11:09
If you can find a way to (in javascript) to eliminate the top two steps, you're probably golden. I haven't been in a situation where i'd have to do this myself (yet). – cairnz Apr 4 '11 at 11:22

Using a slightly different approach, try the Get External Data feature in excel

( i tested on Using Excel 2010, but 2007 is similar, and it is available in 2003 in a slightly different guise )

From menu Data/Get External Data/From Web

opens a form:

  • paste address;(eg and click Go
  • web page is displayed
  • scroll down to the table you want
  • select it with the little yellow arrow thingy
  • Click Import

Voila, data is in excel, as unformatted data from a background query!

Then whenever you waht to update the data, just click Refresh

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Actually the data it-self can be nicely copied to Excel. So no problem there, I need the data to be more Excel like tabel, so SAP would understand the table better, by that I mean the clipboard copy of it. – Marko Apr 5 '11 at 4:52

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