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PHP - and / or keywords
Ruby: difference between || and 'or'

What is the difference between this:

if (a > 10 && b > 10)
    puts a

and this:

if (a > 10 and b > 10)
puts a

and also explain difference between "||" and "or"

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They are the same with one small difference. The and and or operator have a lower precedence compared to && and ||.

Take this example from the manual:

// The result of the expression (true && false) is assigned to $g
// Acts like: ($g = (true && false))
$g = true && false;

// The constant true is assigned to $h and then false is ignored
// Acts like: (($h = true) and false)
$h = true and false;
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You can read about operators in PHP's documentation.

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Only the difference in precedence

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I knew the operator precedence in php. It's not a suitable answer for me. –  Mr. Black Apr 4 '11 at 11:48

As you can see from the precedence table for Ruby, the difference is also precedence, as it is in PHP: and and or have lower precedence than && and ||.

But there is a slight difference from PHP: in Ruby, and and or have the same precedence.

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I got the answer. Please go and read it. this is what i'm expect it.


Thanks all of your efforts

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