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I found this recently:

Which does a very simple URL-based Facebook wall post. I wondered if there's a similar thing for status updates?

Otherwise, what's the simplest way to set a facebook status update from a website? Is there a Javascript plug-in that will do this, or do I definitely need to get right down into the API on the server-side? The website this needs to integrate into is a legacy classic ASP site.

Thanks all

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You can use the JS SDK. Links for your reference:

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Thanks. Looking into this further I believe there's actually no difference betweeen a status update and a wall post in this instance. I also found that the link I posted above was legacy functionality which is depricated. I found this… which is a simple C# implementation of a status update, which uses the proper API and isn't too scary :) – Dan Apr 7 '11 at 15:16

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