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i' ve a code snippet like below. but it gives error at list.add(mapper.mapRow()); line says "The method add(K) in the type List is not applicable for the arguments (Object)". how can i fix it?


    public List<K>  fetchData(JStarRowMapper mapper) {
    List<K> list = new ArrayList<K>();
    return list;

public class IncomingRowMapper<K> implements JStarRowMapper {
public IncomingVO mapRow(ResultSet rs) throws SQLException {

    IncomingVO vo = new IncomingVO();
    return vo;


public interface JStarRowMapper<K> {
abstract public K mapRow(ResultSet rs) throws SQLException;


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In the first snippet you should declare mapper as


Also mapRow is called without parameters, whereas it needs a ResultSet parameter

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Another problem is that IncomingRowMapper should be declared as:

public class IncomingRowMapper implements JStarRowMapper<IncomingVO> { ...
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