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I want to build an array based on MySQL query result.

assume dbArrA and dbArrB come from db query result. And they are both arrais.

dbArrA = (1, 2, 4, 5);
dbArrB = (A, B, D, E);

How can I build the $data as this, thanks.

    $data = array(
            1  => 'A',
            2  => 'B',
            4 => 'D',
            5 => 'E'

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3 Answers

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Use array_combine():

$result = array_combine($dbArrA, $dbArrB);
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Something like this?

$data = array();
foreach($dbArrA as $key=>$value){
  $data[$value] = $dbArrB[$key];
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