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I am unsure on how to check whether a date has passed in order to only show rows where the date has not passed.

I am using CodeIgniter and when the date is set, I'm not using a date type (using varchar) in the MySQL table as I'm using the jQuery date-picker to set the date.

So when the date is set, I need to pull the date from the table to check whether the date has passed or not?

So I'm not sure whether I have to totally change my date input to use the date type in the MySql table in order to pull the date and check whether it is < now()

Any guidance or advice would be extremely appreciated :)

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Can you supply some sample data? What format are your dates in (eg yyyy-MM-dd etc)? – Richard Parnaby-King Apr 4 '11 at 12:13
the jQuery datepicker does mm/dd/yyyy but ideally I need it to be dd/mm/yyyy. I have changed the dateFormat in the JS, but isn't working for some reason? – ajh_8 Apr 4 '11 at 12:17

Is there any particular reason for NOT using the date type in MySQL? If is a date, why not store it as a date? It will still be usable as a string in your PHP script when you retrieve it from the database.

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You should always use the date type in MySQL if you are tracking dates, that way you have all the date functions available to you. The date functions of MySQL are much faster than trying to parse them as text with PHP.

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