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I have an old project which i want to compile with the 4.1.2 version of GCC and G++. i have them downloaded, but i don't know how to give it to the MINGW to use them as default c/c++ compilers. Anyone know how to do it?

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If you downloaded the whole package (gcc, binutils, runtime, win32api) from one release of MinGW (not required, but ensures compatibility), you can extract them some folder on your hard drive, say


So that C:\oldingw\bin contains a gcc.exe.

Open a command prompt (type cmd.exe in the Vista/7 Orb search box or in the Windows "Run Command" dialog). Type

set PATH=C:\oldming\bin;%PATH%


gcc -v

And ensure that the version reported is 4.1.2.

On linux, same thing, but the directory will be different, and your command to set PATH will be:

export PATH=/path/to/oldmingw:$PATH
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