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I have a NURBS surface which has 4 curved edges. (I have the 4 bezier points for the curves)

I'd like to slice the NURBS surface with a slicing-plane thats on-axis (not as advanced as 3DSMAX!), and calculate a curve where the slicing-plane and NURBS surface intersects.

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Are we talking 3D or just numbers? Could you maybe attach a picture for reference? I think I'm getting at what you mean but you've constrained yourself to just the X, Y or Z axis? The general case would be intersection between surface and plane? This sounds awfully a lot like projecting on a plane. – John Leidegren Feb 17 '09 at 13:42
See… – Jarvis Feb 22 '09 at 11:20

Well.. The R in 'NURBS' is for rational. It's a division of two polynoms. Your (axis-aligned) plane gives you a very simple fun set of points, (x,y,z) such that z is the given z. Solve. Not very helpful perhaps. Is this more like what you had in mind?

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Discussion continued at this SO question.

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