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How boost.python deal with Python 3 ? Is it Python 2 only ?

Thank you.

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Seems that they are working on it. – mkaes Apr 4 '11 at 14:04
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Newer versions of Boost should work fine with Python V3.x. This support has been added quite some time ago, I believe after a successful Google Summer of Code project back in 2009.

The way to use Python V3 with Boost is to properly configure the build system by adding for instance:

using python : 3.1 : /your_python31_root ;

to your user-config.jam file.

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If you get "error: No best alternative for /python_for_extension" be sure to have

using python : 3.4 : C:\\Python34 : C:\\Python34\\include : C:\\Python34\\libs ;

only in user-config.jam in your home path and nowhere else. Use double backslashes when compiling under windows with mingw (toolset=gcc) or MSVC (toolset=msvc). Compile with cmd, not msys, and if you also have python 2.7 installed remove that from PATH in that shell. First do

bootstrap.bat gcc/msvc

assuming you have the gcc/msvc tools available via PATH (/ for the alternatives, but use only one, or leave away)

Afterward you can also do --with-bjam=b2

in msys to generate a project-config.jam, but need to edit it to remove the "using python" and "/usr",..

Then the following

b2 variant=debug/shared link=static/shared toolset=gcc/msvc > b2.log

With static the python quickstart examples did not work for me, although I would prefer to do without the boost_python dll.

I did not try on linux, but it should be more straightforward there.

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