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Hallo I develop iOS application for iPhone / iPad for a company. My developer license is signed under my company name. Now we are developing an application for a third party and we need to publish this application under a different name. I understand I have to buy a different Developer Application with the name to be used, but I wonder if I can use this license with the same workstation I'm using for my company. Can I have multiple Apple Developers License on a single workstation and decide which license use at deploying time? Thank you.

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Whenever Xcode needs to talk with Apple Developer Connection, it'll first ask for your Apple ID. If it finds out that Apple ID is on multiple "teams", it'll ask you what team you're trying to perform an action with.

As far as code signing and provisioning goes, you can have a semi-infinite number of key pairs on your workstation and the same semi-infinite number of provisioning profiles on your devices. I would, however, recommend giving them better names than the usual "Team Provisioning Profile: *" and "iPhone Developer", or you can get confused as to which is which when it comes time to work on a different workstation.

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