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We have an application written in C# .Net. We would like to offer our users free premium subscriptions to our services, in return for posting about us on twitter and Facebook.

To do that, currently, from inside our application, I simply open a browser component (Winforms WebBrowser), pointing to: " out..."

and after that to: " Company..."

and let the user perform the posts by himself.

Is there a way I could make sure the user actually posted? Perhaps also check if the user indeed mentioned our company or changed the text we provided?

Thanks, Arie

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Any new information on this? I have the same requirements and the given answer is less than optimal... – Endophage May 31 '12 at 0:49

The only way to truly be sure is to authenticate the user using OAuth and post to Twitter using POST statuses/update. For pretty good results though you can include a hashtag and use the Streaming API to track tweets containing the hashtag.

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