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I am creating a setup project in WiX, I've used WixUI_Common as a base and extended it with my custom dialogs. But when the user gets to the InstallDirDlg dialog, the installation path is "C:\", and this is totally unacceptable. Although previously in the code I've set:

<Directory Id="TARGETDIR" Name="SourceDir">
            <Component  Id="Component_SetupCM.wxs" Guid="60A58B24-CA71-44CE-947F-6BBDC7C6C89C" >
                <File Source="Product.wxs" Id="Product.wxs" KeyPath="yes"/>

So what could be the problem?

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you need something like this:

<DirectoryRef Id = TARGETDIR>
  <Directory Id = "ProgramFilesFolder">
    <Directory Id = "INSTALLDIR" Name = "MyAppName"/>


The problem you are have is that TARGETDIR = c:\

UPDATE: As long as you have the line


You will continue to have the same problem. TARGETDIR = c:\ and it always will. Notice in my example I set WIXUI_INSTALLDIR to INSTALLDIR and not TARGETDIR. The problem with your code was not the directory structure so much as that you were setting WIXUI_INSTALLDIR to the wrong value. My solution above works as I copied it from a project I'm currently using.

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I've updated my answer. If it doesn't work post your directory structure and the property assignment for WIXUI_INSTALLDIR and I should be able to tell you why its not working. For all intents and purposes your new solution is exactly the same as the original. –  scott Apr 5 '11 at 12:47

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