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How can I have a custom layout for a 404 page in Cake? I know you can create your own view but I also want a custom layout for it as I don't want it inheriting my site design and want it to have a unique look and feel.

I've created my own views and then added my own app_error in /app/ with the following code:


    class AppError extends ErrorHandler
    function error()
        $this->layout = 'error';


But it doesn't load the error layout? Any ideas why?


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Create your own AppError class (in app/app_error.php and override the _outputMessage method, something like:

class AppError extends ErrorHandler {
    function _outputMessage($template) {
        $this->controller->render($template, 'NAME OF THE LAYOUT');
        echo $this->controller->output;
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I believe you just create a file at /views/errors/error404.thtml. It may end in .ctp actually, but give both a shot.

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Yeah thats the view though, but it still uses the default.ctp in /views/layouts/ this is what I want to override. –  Cameron Apr 4 '11 at 15:23

Create/edit the app/views/errors/error404.ctp page. See CakePHP Error Handling.

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what about changing the layout though. it wil still use the default.ctp file in /views/layouts/ –  Cameron Apr 4 '11 at 15:35

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