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I wonder how can I simulate StopIteration of rhino (and spidermonkey?) in other JS engines (at least those of IE6+ and Chrome). The following conditions must hold true.

StopIteration === StopIteration; // true
StopIteration instanceof StopIteration // true

Update 2011-04-05:

I saw an implementation of StopIteration in Mochikit, then I checked the NamedError code. I implemented the following code base on the earlier codes. However, the instanceof test still failed.

NamedError = function (name) {
    this.message = name; = name;
NamedError.prototype = new Error;
NamedError.prototype.constructor = NamedError;

StpIter = new NamedError("StpIter") // just to see if I can simulate StpIter to be like Mozilla's StopIteration.

print(StpIter === StpIter) // true
print(StpIter instanceof StpIter) // false
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LOL, I could not believe what I've found. I can just use the JS's Object.

Object === Object // true
Object instanceof Object // true

So, applying in StopIteration

var SI = Object// using another object just to test my condition
SI === SI // true
SI instanceof SI // true

you may try it on your browser's url bar: javascript: SI = Object; alert(SI === SI); alert(SI instanceof SI);

However, I haven't tested this on Chrome, though I think it will work.

Update 5/23/2011

Tested in Chrome and it works as expected.

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...but lots of things are instanceof Object.
With your example:

 var SI = Object
  SI === SI  //true

  SI instanceof SI      //true

  Object instanceof SI     //true

  Error instanceof SI     //true

  new Error() instanceof SI     //true

  TypeError instanceof SI     //true

  new TypeError() instanceof SI     //true
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How about:

var SI = function() {};
SI.prototype = Function.prototype;

This meets the original two conditions, and fixes two of Scott's examples so they return false (new Error() instanceof SI and new TypeError() instanceof SI). The other three still return true though. Also SI instanceof Function returns true, while StopIteration instanceof Function would return false.

If an object could be given a [[HasInstance]] internal method (which is required to use it on the right side of instanceof), without being a Function, then it might be possible to fix these other issues. I don't know any way to do that though.

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