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We have the situation where we need to associate different entities under one attribute and use this attribute in a query. The project uses JPA with EclipseLink as the implementation.

Example code to illustrate the point: (the actual problem is a lot more complex)

interface I1 {
  public int getData();

class E1 implements I1 {
  public int id;
  public String someData;

  public int getData() { return someData; }

class E2 implements I1 {
  public int id;
  public String someOtherData;

  public int getData() { return someOtherData; }

class Test {
  // we want to handle this as if it was a real entity using the I1 Interface
  // Since it is a oneToMany mapping we cannot use eclipselinks
  // VariableOneToOne mapping
  // something like this should be possible 
  // SELECT t.refToEntities From Test t where t.data == 'Some String'  
  public List<I1> refToEntities;

Do to historical reasons the entities do not share a inheritance relation but they have common data which is abstracted away under a common interface. We are now facing the problem that we a have another entity which wants to relate to these entities using the common interface in a one to many relationship. Ideally the relation should be queryable using JPQL but using EclipseLink specific methods is fine as well.

To summarize we want to have a VariableOneToOne Mapping for a OneToMany relation.

The documentation I have found so far indicate that it is possible to build a RelationalDescriptor for interfaces but it is unclear on how to get this descriptor into the session in a JPA Scenario and how to setup a InterfacePolicy in order to use the interface as the common type for the underlying entities.

SO does anybody know how to do this or can point us to working code?

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You would probably be best off using inheritance instead of the interface.

Or have a list of each entity type instead of just the interface.

EclipseLink only supports a VariableOneToOne not a VariableOneToMany, please log an enhancement request for this.

You can define a RelationalDescriptor for an interface using a SessionCustomizer, just instantiate it, set the interface using descriptor.setJavaInterface(Il.class) and add any common query keys.

You could potentially use this interface as the target of a OneToManyMapping (defined in code). You would not be able to join across it in JPQL though.

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