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I created a new feature file, test.feature, but RubyMine does not recognize it as a cucumber feature file and instead treats it as a simple text file. I can not dig through the file, and it does not receive syntax highlighting.

I have tried deleting and recreating the file, but it still treats it as a simple text file.

How do I get RubyMine to recognize this file as a feature file so I can use the IDE's features on the feature file?

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File | Settings | File Types | Cucumber scenario files, make sure *.feature extension is added there.

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Thanks for this, wasn't exactly the solution but it led me to the solution. Apparently my file was set as a Registered Patterns of the Text file type so it wasn't recognized as a Cucumber scenario. – holerd Apr 4 '11 at 17:11

For MacOS, go to RubyMine > Preferences > IDE Settings > File Types to add Registered Patterns.

Under Cucumber scenario files, check to see if "*.feature" is listed. If not, add it for correct Cucumber syntax highlighting. More information here.

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