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As per the title: in Django views, can I redirect to a page using HttpResponseRedirect and then from that page, immediately redirect back again to the original page?

In other words, how can I get the second view to 'remember' the first one in order to redirect back there?

I want to do this to handle some LDAP authorisation.


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You could redirect to /page2/?next=/page1/, then get the original url from the GET parameters in the view for page2.

# page2 viewl
next = request.GET['next']
return HttpResponseRedirect(next)
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You probably want to avoid any session level logic. Your requirements have nothing to do with a session, so avoid using session level constructs.

You have a request level requirement, and the request level logic identified by Alasdair is what you want.

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You could store the original URL in a session variable, and then pop off that value and use it to redirect back to the original page.

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Clever, I hadn't thought of that. –  JHSaunders Apr 4 '11 at 16:25
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