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I have an xml file in a format similar to this:

    <title>How to win</title>
    <title>How to not</title>
    <title>How to be</title>
    <title>How to lose</title>

I would like to be able to select the group/id, group/rule/id, group/rule/severity and group/title values from each group in the xml docoument.

I have tried this but it only gets me part of the way there:

I have tried $ | %{$_} | select title, id

I appreciate your help!

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This works for me:

$ |
select @{ L = 'GroupID';      E = { $ } },
       @{ L = 'GroupTitle';   E = { $_.title } },
       @{ L = 'RuleID';       E = { $ } },
       @{ L = 'RuleSeverity'; E = { $_.rule.severity } }

yielding the following:

GroupID GroupTitle  RuleID RuleSeverity
------- ----------  ------ ------------
1       How to win  H1234  High
2       How to not  5317   low
3       How to be   H15678 medium
4       How to lose H454   High

The syntax above is similar to SQL's SELECT Foo AS Bar, selecting a value (Expression or E in the hashtable) and providing an alias for display purposes (Label or L in the hashtable).

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That works! Thank you! – jgrant Apr 4 '11 at 16:39

This can be done with :

$xmlData = [xml](Get-Content c:\temp\fic.xml)
foreach ($group in $

On the command line.

([xml](Get-Content C:\temp\fic.xmlfic.xml)) | % {$ + " " + $}

I hope it helps


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Thank you for trying. I was already pulling the id and title. I needed the id and severity from the lower level nodes as well. – jgrant Apr 4 '11 at 16:40
Here you are, you are not making a lot of effort. I do try ;o) – JPBlanc Apr 4 '11 at 16:44

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