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I have a form with several levels of container nesting (tab controls, tables, panels). The lowest-level controls all have tooltip text. The tooltip works (some of the time, but that's another can of worms). I'd like to add a small bit of code that changes the MDI parent's status bar text to equal the tooltip text of any control that the mouse is over. If I use MouseMove on the form, it picks up movement on the form but not on any of the child controls. If I use MouseLeave, it only picks up the mouse moving to the topmost child (a tab control) and nothing on the inside.

I might be able to recurse through all of the containers and add MouseLeave handlers, but that seems nasty. Hints on the simplest way to accomplish this would be appreciated. Thanks.

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For reference, here is my non-ideal recursive solution that is executed in the form's constructor:

        Action<Control> mouseListen = null;
        mouseListen = control =>
            string toolText = toolTip.GetToolTip(control);
            if (toolText != "")
                control.MouseEnter += (sender, args) =>
                    { Program.MainForm.Status = toolText; };
                control.MouseLeave += (sender, args) =>
                    { Program.MainForm.Status = Program.MainForm.DefaultStatus; };
            foreach (Control child in control.Controls)
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