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A valid URL no doubt:

<a href="">...</a>

Question1: But is this shorthand als equally valid?

<a href="">...</a>

Question2: is there any speed/other difference between the two?

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The second URL you've provided is not valid; you need to supply the protocol which you wish to use:

<a href="ftp://...">ftp</a> <a href=">mail</a>

The second URL will assume it's looking for a local path.

Assuming your domain is and you supply <a href="">go to</a> your browser will try and locate ''

Hope this helps.

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To be conformant HTML, the URI needs to follow RFC2396. This means that all (non-relative) URIs start with a scheme, followed by a colon (and often two slashes). See section 3:

Note: I found that link by following the information on href here:

Also, here's what the HTML5 spec says about valid URLs:

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