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Good day to everyone!

I have a DataGroup featuring thumbnails that it gets from XML list passed into an ArrayCollection. I also have a custom item renderer for the datagroup. What I can't make to work is the following: when an thumbnail in the datagroup is clicked the state changed to the page with the information about the projects.

I have the information in the same XML file. I need to bind the source of richtext and several label components to the selected item from the datagroup with a different property of the project from XML list. It it were a simple List component, I would have done it the following way: for the list
id="myList" dataProvider="{myProjects.Project}" for the label text="{myList.selectedItem.textexample}"

The code I have for the DataGroup:

<s:DataGroup includeIn="ThumbnailList" dataProvider="{myList}" alpha="0.72" 
blendMode="luminosity" buttonMode="true" id="myThumbs" 
clipAndEnableScrolling="true" height="187" 
d:userLabel="hos_RepeatedItem" width="320" x="110" y="2" />

The code for the renderer:

        [Bindable] public var counter:Number=0;
        protected function image1_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
            else if(counter==1)
    <s:Animate id="Larger"  duration="250">     
            <s:SimpleMotionPath property="height" valueFrom="50" valueTo="100" />   
            <s:SimpleMotionPath property="width" valueFrom="50" valueTo="100" />    
    <s:Animate id="moveIn" target="{offsets}" duration="650">
        <s:SimpleMotionPath property="scaleX" />
        <s:SimpleMotionPath property="scaleY" />
        <s:SimpleMotionPath property="x" />
        <s:SimpleMotionPath property="y" />
    <s:State name="normal"/>
    <s:State name="hovered"/>
    <s:State name="selected"/>
<mx:Image height.hovered="50" click="image1_clickHandler(event)" id="image1" maintainAspectRatio="true" smoothBitmapContent="true" source="{data.Thumb}" d:userLabel="hos_RepeatedItemTH" width.hovered="50" x="0" y="0"/>

XML List contains Projects that have at least Title, Thumb, and textexample each.

I would appreciate any help!

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Instead of using <s:DataGroup/> to layout your Thumbs, just go ahead and use <s:List/>. You can set the layout of the list component to use <s:BasicLayout/>, and set borderVisible="false" and contentBackgroundAlpha="0" on the List so that it looks exactly like the DataGroup does, however you will now have access to the selectedItem property of the List.

For example:

<s:List id="myThumbs" includeIn="ThumbnailList" 
        borderVisible="false" contentBackgroundAlpha="0"
        alpha="0.72" blendMode="luminosity"  
        x="110" y="2" width="320" height="187" 
        itemRenderer="components.CustomRenderer4Thumbs" >
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