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I would like to create an application which could create an access point. Looking through Android documentation I see the WifiManager class [1]:

     * Start AccessPoint mode with the specified
     * configuration. If the radio is already running in
     * AP mode, update the new configuration
     * Note that starting in access point mode disables station
     * mode operation
     * @param wifiConfig SSID, security and channel details as
     *        part of WifiConfiguration
     * @return {@code true} if the operation succeeds, {@code false} otherwise
     * @hide Dont open up yet
    public boolean setWifiApEnabled(WifiConfiguration wifiConfig, boolean enabled) {
        try {
            return mService.setWifiApEnabled(wifiConfig, enabled);
        } catch (RemoteException e) {
            return false;

But because of some reason it is hidden. Is there any way to do the same that Wifimanager? Could I have access to this method somehow?

[1] http://hi-android.info/src/android/net/wifi/WifiManager.java.html

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try to use reflection to handle it, and here is an example: <stackoverflow.com/questions/7048922/…;! –  Yin Young Apr 9 '13 at 7:35

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You can also try the code in this thread.

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