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I am new to Oracle database.I dont have much knowledge about date-time concepts in Oracle. The problem i am facing is to retrieve records which are entered on a particular date.But when i am executing SQL query on database it returns zero records.

Database has date field which contains records with both datetime value.

SQL Query: SELECT * FROM table WHERE table.daterecord = to_date(03-Mar-2010)

It is not returning any record but if i change my query to

SELECT * FROM table WHERE table.daterecord > to_date(04-Mar-2010)

It will return some records. The above difference is because of time.How can i extract time value from date. Can I use trunc function for this? Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions.

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Yes you can use TRUNC function.

  FROM table 
 WHERE TRUNC(table.daterecord) = TO_DATE('03-Mar-2010', 'DD-MON-RRRR')
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see this SO for suggestions of "How to correctly handle dates in queries constraints"?

In addition to the answers already provided, I would suggest using a range since this is more easily indexable:

  FROM table 
 WHERE table.daterecord >= TO_DATE('03-Mar-2010', 'DD-MON-RRRR')
   AND table.daterecord < TO_DATE('04-Mar-2010', 'DD-MON-RRRR')
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+1, I like this due to ability to use index (vs trunc) –  tbone Apr 4 '11 at 19:29
+1 for your answer in the other question :) –  Ronnis Apr 4 '11 at 21:15
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@APC: I felt that the questions were sufficiently distinct. My answer is a duplicate though (same principle applied to another case), maybe I should have pointed to the question in a comment rather than an answer. –  Vincent Malgrat Apr 5 '11 at 9:03

you can use TRUNC

For example :

  FROM table 
 WHERE TRUNC(table.daterecord) = TO_DATE('03-Mar-2010', 'DD-MON-RRRR')
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