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So I'm making a simple UIKit based iphone game for a class. It's similar to Sky Burger if anyone is familiar. If not, the game will be objects falling from the top of the screen and there will be a character that is controlled by the accelerometer at the bottom of the screen that will catch them.

I have the game loop and character movement all done. I know how to animate the ImageViews falling (if i could create them that is). I just cant figure out how to create multiple UIImage views that are created every 1-3 seconds or so.

If anyone could point me in the right direction or has any suggestions of places where I should start looking it would be greatly appreciated.

Also if I'm being unclear just let me know and I'll try to elaborate.

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Create an NSTimer, schedule it every 1-3 seconds or so, and in the timer's action method, create the image views ([[UIImageView alloc] initWithImage:]), position them and add them to your main view (-addSubview:).

Don't forget to remove those image views you no longer need or you'll quickly build up so many views that your app will crash.

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