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I have the following result in AMFPHP from a sql query:

  [0] (Object)#1
    id = "1"
    naam = "4 kazen"
    pizzeria_id = "1"
    pizzerianaam = "Howest pizza"
    prijs = "11"
  [1] (Object)#2
    id = "2"
    naam = "Napolitano"
    pizzeria_id = "1"
    pizzerianaam = "Howest pizza"
    prijs = "13"
  [2] (Object)#3
    id = "5"
    naam = "pizza bolognaise"
    pizzeria_id = "2"
    pizzerianaam = "Nicola pizza"
    prijs = "12"
  [3] (Object)#4
    id = "6"
    naam = "pizza funghi"
    pizzeria_id = "2"
    pizzerianaam = "Nicola pizza"
    prijs = "16"

what i would like to do is refactor this array so the result is a assosiative array with 2 arrays inside of it, the 2 arrays should be called after the "pizzerianaam" and within the "pizzerianaam" i should see the pizza's where the "pizzerianaam" matches.

so an array with 2 arrays in it wich contains other arrays for each pizza where the "pizzerianaam" value matches.

Anyone who ca help?

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Good practice is to keep names of all identifiers in English. It eg. helps when you are asking for help on international sites. –  Matěj Zábský Apr 4 '11 at 18:32

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If the result of the query is stored in $array

$result = array();
foreach ($array as $item)
  $result[$item->pizzerianaam][] = $item;

then the resulting array will be $result.

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tried this but it gives me an empty result. –  vincent Apr 4 '11 at 18:45
Use serialize(php.net/manual/en/function.serialize.php) to serialize the array. That way people can unserialize the array to test whether the suggested solution works. My code is correct according to the array that you have given. –  Oswald Apr 4 '11 at 19:10

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