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If I put:

variableName = namecombobox.selectedItem


Dim variablename as type = namecombobox.SelectedIndex

Visual Studio gives me the error

Option Strict disallows conversions from object to string.

I can fix this by putting:

variableName = convert.ToString(namecombobox.SelectedItem)

Are all values contained in a combobox automatically treated as a non-string even when they are string values (in this case "Male" & "Female") and what is the correct way of assigning the value selected in a combobox to a variable?

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This is normal, the ComboBox.Items property is a collection of System.Object. You should use the item's ToString() method, just like ComboBox does to generate the visible text.

 Dim variableName As String = namecombobox.SelectedItem.ToString()

Or use CStr(), the VB.NET way.

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if you are using this, assuming you select 'Selection1' on the combo box:=

Dim x As Boolean
Dim MyVariable As String = ""

MyVariable = ComboBox1.SelectedItem.ToString()
If MyVariable = "Selection1" Then
  x = True
  x = False

Pretend the above code is YOUR code... this is CORRECT for selecting strings from a ComboBox. If you have doubts about that, simply insert a breakpoint on a line of code after 'MyVariable' is set as the ToString from your comboBox - you will see the variable content if you hover your mouse over the variable name. Easy way to tell if your variable is getting the data you require! If hovering above the variable shows ( "" ) - Then it hasn't grabbed anything.

In my code above, if I was to debug with breakpoints the 'MyVariable' would contain a String of "Selection1" - Without a doubt!!!!! the boolean variable 'x' would also read as TRUE.

If you're getting reading errors by comparing the variable you have issues elsewhere in your code.

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