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I'm doing some slightly lower-level manipulations in monotouch - the kind of thing that if I was in ObjC / xcode I would use malloc to get an Int * .

My current methodology is as follows:

  • Mark the method as unsafe
  • add the /unsafe flag to the compiler
  • Allocate a byte array
  • assign it, unsafely to an IntPtr.


byte [] byteArray = new byte[1024].
IntPtr byteArrayPtr;
fixed (byte *_bp = byteArray) {
    byteArrayPtr = (IntPtr)_bp;

Presto, I have byteArrayPtr which is attached to a 1K chunk of memory, but I can't help but think that this might be a little bit of a heavy-handed approach. Is there a cleaner way to get an IntPtr that points to "empty pool o' memory" ?

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You should use:

Marshal.AllocHGlobal ()

if you want heap memory.

If you want stack memory you should use stackalloc, but this is memory that is only valid for the execution of the current method. It gets automatically released when the method terminates

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