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I have a code to get the list of OUs within a domain.

Now this just lists all the OUs and does not give any way to distinguish between an OU and a sub OU.

DirectoryEntry entry = new DirectoryEntry("LDAP://" + domain);

DirectorySearcher mySearcher = new DirectorySearcher(entry);
mySearcher.Filter = ("(objectClass=organizationalUnit)");

foreach (SearchResult temp in mySearcher.FindAll())

Is there a way i can get the fully qualified name of an OU?

Something like this for a sub OU:

CN=Computer1,OU=Department 101,OU=Business Unit #1,DC=us,DC=xyz,DC=com

Any help is appreciated... thanks

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temp.Path should get you the distinguishedName of each OU.

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hey thanks buddy but is there a way to display the above fully qualified name "CN=Computer1,OU=Department 101,OU=Business Unit #1,DC=us,DC=xyz,DC=com" as.. businessunit/department 101 –  user175084 Apr 4 '11 at 21:59
string.Join("/",temp.Path.Split(',').Select(s=>s.StartsWith("OU")).Reverse().To‌​Array()) –  Brian Cauthon Apr 5 '11 at 16:21

Use the property Path from SearchResult, as in temp.Path, see link.

The Path property uniquely identifies this entry in the Active Directory hierarchy. The entry can always be retrieved using this path.

You can enumerate all the available properties with the following source code:

foreach(string propKey in temp.Properties.PropertyNames)
    // Display each of the values for the property identified by
    // the property name.
    foreach (object property in temp.Properties[propKey])
        Console.WriteLine("{0}:{1}", propKey, property.ToString());
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hey thanks so much.. is there a way to display the above string as businessunit/department 101 –  user175084 Apr 4 '11 at 21:55

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