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I'm doing a Facebook landing page design for a client who does not have HTTPS implemented on their web server. The pages that the user will see upon coming to the Facebook page live on the client's server and obviously if the FB user is using a regular HTTP connection to view the page they will see my custom content perfectly.

However, if the user has their Facebook security set to only use an HTTPS session, none of this custom content appears. Of course there is an area to specify what URL my Facebook app should serve when an HTTPS connection is used, but I don't really have the option of using this since there's no SSL on the host.

It seems like more work than it is worth to set up the client with a free SSL cert just for a simple FB landing page but I'm wondering if there is a way to force a user with an HTTPS session to be served HTTP convent via Facebook.

I also feel like this is a counter-intuitive question because that would be highly insecure way of serving content a user specifying an HTTPS session, but I imagine there might some kind of workaround to allow this content to display. Most of these pages act like iFrames and just serve up images.

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I have used hostfb.com to host simple html based fan pages that do not require fan-gating. They can not display php as of yet, but do offer a free secure hosting with your account. This may be a solution for you.

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The connection with https does not allow application iframe non configured https to appear on the fan pages.

iframe.apps allows to create an iframe without being facebook developer and avoid to purchase and configure the SSL certificate.

The application iframe.apps (http://www.facebook.com/iframe.apps) proposes to:

  • add in an iframe tab an existing web page by simply inserting the URL
  • or create a new iframe tab with the HTML editor integrated (same as what was managed Static FBML)
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