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Does anyone know of a CCTray Equivalent for Thoughtworks new version of CruiseControl.NET called GO?

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CCTray works with Go out of the box.

Just a few points to remember:

  • the URL of Go's CCTray feed is included in the page footer in Go dashboard (the link is called (cc) CCTray Feed, you have to be logged in to see it),
  • when adding the Go server to the list of servers in CCTray, choose Supply a custom HTTP URL and paste the feed URL,
  • if the Go installation uses authentication, you can add your credentials in the URL, e.g. http://USER:PASS@mygoserver/go/cctray.xml (it works at least for HTTP Basic authentication, I have not tried other auth methods),
  • don't enable Server is secure in server configuration in CCTray.
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According to ThoughtWorks' product comparison, GO can send notifications through CCTray.

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If you have any kind of authentication then you will probably won't be able to get CCTray to work.

There is a utility developed that I found that does support ThoughtWorks Go through contacting ThoughtWorks support. You can find it at

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