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I am looking for a javascript that can help me to change the color of a text inside the textarea tag. For example, to have a variable in the javascript:

var a = '<div class="carleft"><p class="coto1">';

now, the javascript should make the text that is inside the variable, to be displayed as bold with red color in the textarea.

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See this previous question/answer: jQuery wrap selected text in a textarea

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Inner HTML of the textarea element you cannot change the styles/colors of the partial words or characters.

You should use or some other element to implement this.

You can consider the

contenteditable="true" attribute for this purpose.

By using this attribute you can dynamically edit any html element. Which was styled before.

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A textarea does not support different styles or colors in the text. You can use contenteditable="true", but that will probably give the user more freedom than you want. I think a better option would be to use a library like CodeMirror or MDK-Editor.

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There is a way for a textarea, but i don't know how. gerd-tentler.de/tools/codeedit – xzappa Apr 6 '11 at 8:14
@xzappa - I looked at that script, and it seems that they also convert a textarea to a contenteditable div. – Elian Ebbing Apr 6 '11 at 11:06

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