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I have what seemed to me a simple requirement: I want to sort a parent class based on an attribute of its child class.

class owner
  has_many :tasks

class task
  belongs_to :owner

Now I want to sort the owners based on the due date on their tasks, so that the owner that has the task with the "closest" due date is first, etc

I can do this in Ruby with array sorting, but my record sets are huge and i need to do this with AR / DBMS..

As I am pondering this question part of the solution occurred to me, although I don't know how to implement in AR.

To sort the owners based on their tasks, only a single task (per owner) is relevant, namely the one with the closest due date.

How would I use AR to fetch me all the owners, sorted by their task with the closest due date?


Task.order("due_date DESC").maximum("due_date", :group => 'owner')

Will actually give me the owner objects, sorted in the right order as part of an ordered hash ( [owner] => "due_date"). Hooray! The only problem now is, how do I tell AR to eager_load all the associated tasks with the owner object. Because at this moment its firing a query everytime i call

owner.tasks.each do |t|

in my view.

Any help appreciated, i'm going nuts with this (simple??) problem,

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Ok, so in the end I figured it out myself.


will sort the Owners based on the closest due date in their tasks and will eager load all tasks, resulting in a single query.

Update: added the generated SQL in response to Mladen's comment below.

SELECT `owners`.* FROM `owners` 
INNER JOIN `tasks` ON `tasks`.`owner_id` = `owner`.`id` 
GROUP BY owner.id ORDER BY tasks.due_date DESC


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Can you please paste here generated SQL? Thanks. –  Mladen Jablanović Apr 5 '11 at 15:29
Thanks. I think that query wouldn't work in Postgres however. –  Mladen Jablanović Apr 5 '11 at 21:53

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