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is there an easy way to get the (to-be-generated) sql from a Hibernate Criteria?

Ideally I would have something like:

Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(Operator.class);

... build up the criteria ...
... and then do something like ...

String sql = criteria.toSql()

(But this of course does not exist)

The idea would then be to use the sql as part of a huge 'MINUS' query (I need to find the differences between 2 identical schemas - identical in structure, not in data - and the MINUS is not supported by Hibernate)

(BTW I know I can check the SQL from the log files)

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I've done something like this using Spring AOP so I could grab the sql, parameters, errors, and execution time for any query run in the application whether it was HQL, Criteria, or native SQL.

This is obviously fragile, insecure, subject to break with changes in Hibernate, etc, but it illustrates that it's possible to get the SQL:

CriteriaImpl c = (CriteriaImpl)query;
SessionImpl s = (SessionImpl)c.getSession();
SessionFactoryImplementor factory = (SessionFactoryImplementor)s.getSessionFactory();
String[] implementors = factory.getImplementors( c.getEntityOrClassName() );
CriteriaLoader loader = new CriteriaLoader((OuterJoinLoadable)factory.getEntityPersister(implementors[0]),
    factory, c, implementors[0], s.getEnabledFilters());
Field f = OuterJoinLoader.class.getDeclaredField("sql");
String sql = (String)f.get(loader);

Wrap the entire thing in a try/catch and use at your own risk.

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Wouldn't it be more portable to redirect the hibernate log to a string temporarily? –  Elazar Leibovich Aug 15 '11 at 13:28
Possibly, but if multiple threads were executing SQL at the same time, it may be hard to figure out which log messages go with the SQL you are trying to capture. An interceptor using onPrepareStatement would get you the SQL too, but the OP asked for a way to get the SQL for a given Criteria object. –  Brian Deterling Aug 15 '11 at 21:26
Is there a way to also get the parameters of the SQL query printed out? –  JRR May 11 '13 at 12:51
Here is my method to get the parameters: gist.github.com/bdeterling/5563683. I haven't revisited it in about 4 years. –  Brian Deterling May 12 '13 at 14:04

Here's "another" way to get the SQL :

CriteriaImpl criteriaImpl = (CriteriaImpl)criteria;
SessionImplementor session = criteriaImpl.getSession();
SessionFactoryImplementor factory = session.getFactory();
CriteriaQueryTranslator translator=new CriteriaQueryTranslator(factory,criteriaImpl,criteriaImpl.getEntityOrClassName(),CriteriaQueryTranslator.ROOT_SQL_ALIAS);
String[] implementors = factory.getImplementors( criteriaImpl.getEntityOrClassName() );

CriteriaJoinWalker walker = new CriteriaJoinWalker((OuterJoinLoadable)factory.getEntityPersister(implementors[0]), 
                        session.getLoadQueryInfluencers()   );

String sql=walker.getSQLString();
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I tried your solution and it works out great except for one thing. It doesn't print out correctly when my criteria is having criteria.setMaxResults(n). It doesn't shot that requirement in the generated statement. Do you know why? –  Sean Nguyen Jan 16 '11 at 18:11
Thanks, helped me to debug an application I had to work on and to find the error immediately. –  Bevor Jun 6 '14 at 7:51

For those using NHibernate, this is a port of [ram]'s code

public static string GenerateSQL(ICriteria criteria)
        NHibernate.Impl.CriteriaImpl criteriaImpl = (NHibernate.Impl.CriteriaImpl)criteria;
        NHibernate.Engine.ISessionImplementor session = criteriaImpl.Session;
        NHibernate.Engine.ISessionFactoryImplementor factory = session.Factory;

        NHibernate.Loader.Criteria.CriteriaQueryTranslator translator = 
            new NHibernate.Loader.Criteria.CriteriaQueryTranslator(

        String[] implementors = factory.GetImplementors(criteriaImpl.EntityOrClassName);

        NHibernate.Loader.Criteria.CriteriaJoinWalker walker = new NHibernate.Loader.Criteria.CriteriaJoinWalker(

        return walker.SqlString.ToString();
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does you know how to get values of parameters in that query ?? –  entre Mar 29 at 20:22

I like this if you want to get just some parts of the query:

new CriteriaQueryTranslator(factory, executableCriteria, executableCriteria.getEntityOrClassName(), CriteriaQueryTranslator.ROOT_SQL_ALIAS).getWhereCondition();

For instance something like this:

String where = new CriteriaQueryTranslator(factory, executableCriteria, executableCriteria.getEntityOrClassName(), CriteriaQueryTranslator.ROOT_SQL_ALIAS).getWhereCondition();
String sql = "update my_table this_ set this_.status = 0 where " + where;
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If you are using Hibernate 3.6 you can use the code in the accepted answer (provided by Brian Deterling) with slight modification:

  CriteriaImpl c = (CriteriaImpl) criteria;
  SessionImpl s = (SessionImpl) c.getSession();
  SessionFactoryImplementor factory = (SessionFactoryImplementor) s.getSessionFactory();
  String[] implementors = factory.getImplementors(c.getEntityOrClassName());
  LoadQueryInfluencers lqis = new LoadQueryInfluencers();
  CriteriaLoader loader = new CriteriaLoader((OuterJoinLoadable) factory.getEntityPersister(implementors[0]), factory, c, implementors[0], lqis);
  Field f = OuterJoinLoader.class.getDeclaredField("sql");
  String sql = (String) f.get(loader);
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