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I am giving a presentation and I would like to know when Clojure was officially released. Also, so I know when to send the Birthday Card :)

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This could probably be interesting for you: slideshare.net/thnetos/clojure-intro –  Mikael Östberg Apr 4 '11 at 23:23
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The earliest public release [I know of] is September 22nd, 2007. The article Clojure is Two! (from October 16th, 2009) backs this up as "being the birth" of Clojure (although there were a number of dated releases in short succession thereafter).

Additionally the Clojure 1.0 annoncement from May 4th, 2009 says "...Clojure represents several years of effort on my part, but has also been shaped profoundly by the community in the 18 months since its release to the public." This reinforces the September-October 2007 birth-date and implies that Clojure caused a somewhat long "pregnancy" :-)

Happy coding.

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