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I have the following:

netstat -tuna | awk '{ print $4; }' | sed -e '1,2d'

which returns:

which returns a list of all open ports.. how would i remove everything before the : character? please notice that a few ones have ::: instead of : i just want it to return the ports, remove all text before the last :

i want it all in one bash command.

thanks a lot in advance!

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3 Answers

add to your sed-command:


netstat -tuna | awk '{ print $4; }' | sed -e '1,2d;s/.*:/:/g'

should work.

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Just do it with one awk command. No need to chain too many

netstat -tuna | awk  'NR>2{ k=split($4,a,":");print a[k] }'


netstat -tuna | awk  'NR>2{ sub(/.*:/,"",$4);print $4 }'

or Ruby(1.9+)

netstat -tuna | ruby -ane 'puts $F[3].sub(/.*:/,"") if $.>2'

if you want unique ports,

netstat -tuna | awk  'NR>2{ sub(/.*:/,"",$4); uniq[$4] }END{ for(i in uniq) print i }'
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excellent answer! thank you so much –  rmartinez Apr 4 '11 at 23:51
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So apparently, you can tuna network, but you can't tuna fish

The following will print all open ports

netstat -tuna | awk -F':+| +' 'NR>2{print $5}'

The following will print all unique open ports, i.e. no duplicates sorted in ascending order

netstat -tuna | awk -F':+| +' 'NR>2{print $5}' | sort -nu
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