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I have a web app that takes in variables from the client and generates a docx file where it should then return that to the client. My Java side works correctly and I can see a bunch of binary when I write the response to the console on the client side, however the client will not open this response in ms-word as I would like it to. I've set the ContentType to application/ and the Content-Disposition to attachment and specified the filename, but no luck. Anyone know what the problem might be?

    url : "file.docx",
    content : {
    load : function (response, ioArgs) {
        console.log("Successful xhr - Response:", response);;
        return response;
    error : function (response) {
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I ended up using A problem I ran into is that the iframe was not resolving itself, blocking any future iframes from being executed. I check for a previous iframe and call iframe.cancel() if one exists prior to calling

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