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Ok so I really cant figure out why this code is not working. Works fine in other browsers but in Chrome the bar does not scroll.

I have a toolbar I want to scroll up and down the page. This works in other browsers but not Chrome:

$("#toolbar").stop().animate({top: 100}, 1000);

It really does not make any sense to me... Here is the CSS:


Currently the only think in the div is text can anyone help!?

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Works for me in Chrome 11.0.696.28. Did you forget to enclose the code in $(document).ready maybe? jsfiddle.net/hans/MtaWq –  Jon Gauthier Apr 5 '11 at 0:27

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instead of top, use {"padding-top":"+=15px"} to be relative

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Try this:

$("#toolbar").stop().animate({top: '100px'}, 1000);
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Use stop with arguments, for instance stop(true,false). This should fix the behavior in Chrome.

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