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I want to add a dom element between two children, specifically right before the last one.

<div id='parent'>
    <div class='nav-option'></div>
    <div class='nav-option'></div>
    <div class='nav-option'></div>
    {{I want to insert something here}}
    <div class='nav-option'></div>

Right now I am using the following code:

    $('#face').append('<div class="nav-select"></div>');

But alas this adds the element at the end.

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Try this:

    .before('<div class="nav-select"></div>');

Check these out to read more:

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jquery has .insertBefore and .insertAfter that both do what you want.

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Check out insertAfter() or insertBefore()

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$('.nav-option:last').before('<div class="nav-select"></div>');
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