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From Spring Controller i am sending some request paramters to be fetched in FTL and be displayed. But somehow i am landing into InvalidReference Exception. I am totally new to FTL but i know this doesnt require much setup from spring either.

All other ftls receving request params work but this ftl(searchPage) has only 1 requestParam used .

In Spring Controller Method:

public String SearchMethod(@RequestParam String x,@RequestParam(required=false) String op,MapModel m)

int myCount=Method_call_returns_int();.
m.addAttribute("Count", myCount);

return "searchPg";

In FTL ,i import spring.ftl and use ${count!} or ${count} -to fetch dynamic value from controller.

1. Exclamation mark -"!" i believe is not-null expression in freemarker. Somehow count is come to be 'null' in FTL ${count} -doesnt throw or display any exception because of ! ${count!} throws InvalidReferenceExc .

Please correct me here if i misunderstood meaning of !.

2.I debugged java code and see that ModelMap has count added correctly but its only in FTL that not receiving it.

I din't do any other setup explicitly and i dont think its required.

I see other FTLs with similar cases working ,only difference is Object (in my case its int).

Please suggest me what could be the reason .

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Hi all Thanks for your replies.Realized it was my mistake caling method at wrong place.Freemarker doesnt need any setup or initialization.

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I believe freemarker is case-sensitive and hence Count would not be the same as count

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