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Which is the best cross platform development stack for GUI.

QT + c++

or wxWidget + c++

or wxWidget + python

or MFC for windows and GTK for Linux ...

What is the best choice?

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Depends on your background and requirements.

If your other hobbies include being tied up whipped then MFC is probably for you.

If you are a recovering MFC programmer then wxwidgets is a very similar (but cross platform and nicer) alternative.

Qt is the current popular C++ gui library of choice. It's cross-platform, including a nice web-ish markup version for mobile phones, it uses more modern C++ concepts

Both Qt and wx are available under under LGPL type licenses and have bindings to a range of languages including python

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+1 for "tied up whipped". I started on MFC, but soon ran away to Qt in fear. – alxx Apr 5 '11 at 5:53
+1 So true about MFC. My programmer life is much better since I develop GUI apps in Qt. – Etienne Savard Apr 5 '11 at 17:10

I have worked on MFC, QT, and wxWidgets . All of them are good, but for cross platform stuff I prefer wxWdigets over QT. The free QT designer is pathetic, whereas the wxFormBuilder is great.

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Currently I am working on porting several large MFC applications over to Qt and it feels like... being tied up and whipped. So I would agree that you should stay away from MFC if you possibly can and even if you are doing windows stuff you should use XAML.

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