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I am trying to sync Sharepoint task list with Outlook. When the users connect the task list to outlook, the task for all users are visible in outlook. Rather than applying filtering in Outlook, can I provide a filtering at the source itself? There are considerable number of users for my application, it wouldn't be good to ask all users to apply filters on their own.

Any other suggestions?


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insert alert(ctx.listName) and alert(ctx.view.toLowerCase()) to see if valid values are present. ctx may be null if you are viewing list within a webpart with full toolbar. Try to open the list. –  Janis Veinbergs May 18 '11 at 7:30
@janis: I am getting the original list in outlook now. I am able to get the alert with the correct list id and view id and the problem I think is that the replace function on itm.onMenuClick = itm.onMenuClick.replace(ctx.listName.toLowerCase(), ctx.view.toLowerCase()); is not working –  Shankar May 18 '11 at 11:49
@janis: When I disable the line itm.onMenuClick = itm.onMenuClick.replace(ctx.listName.toLowerCase(), ctx.view.toLowerCase()); Its retrieving the normal list, when i include it nothing is getting retrieved and the error remains. The get list method of the web service is acting fine. what are the other related methods that get triggered when connecting to outlook? –  Shankar May 19 '11 at 10:43
It means that you sucessfully connect to outlook. And outlook is then requestion sharepoint for items and then OutlookLists is probably crashing somwhere or not doing something as expected. Check if getListFromView method actually returns a list (finds a list by view id) –  Janis Veinbergs May 19 '11 at 11:12
It does return a list, i checked with the id returned and the item count. –  Shankar May 19 '11 at 11:19

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I`v asked the same question: Sync list with outlook only with items in current view.. In this case it was possible to use stssync protocol to do whatever you want. It takes much effort (luckily someone already wrote an implementation)

But there was another solution i ended up using - implementing a wrapper for Lists.asmx webservice and rewriting outlook requests (by using custom Global.asax file) to use this new webservice instead of Lists.asmx, that only queries specific view in a list.

if (ctx.Request.UserAgent.Contains("Microsoft Office Outlook") && path.ToLower().IndexOf("_vti_bin/lists.asmx") >= 0)

I'm not sure you would want a solution like this. If you do, you may ask and i may publish the solution source for the webservice, however i'm not using this webservice myself anymore. And you could use it as a draft, not a production ready code.

The source has been published on CodePlex.

Regarding to the script problem

I don't know why list id isn't being replaced by view id. I tried to run the function within script console (F12 for IE8/9)

>> var menuItems = document.getElementsByTagName('ie:menuitem');
for (var i = 0; i < menuItems.length; i++) {
        itm = menuItems(i);
        if (itm.id.match('OfflineButton') != null) {
            console.log('listName:' + ctx.listName.toLowerCase() + 'viewName:' + ctx.view.toLowerCase());
            if (ctx != null && ctx.listName != null && ctx.view != null) {
                console.log('Inside if block');
                //Replace listId to viewId being used so outlook will query only items in current view.
                //Must have custom web service in place to handle that request, because it iwll not work OOTB.
        console.log("Before: " + itm.onMenuClick);
                itm.onMenuClick = itm.onMenuClick.replace(ctx.listName.toLowerCase(), ctx.view.toLowerCase());
        console.log("After: " + itm.onMenuClick);
LOG: listName:{fe89e809-7de4-4f43-9bc2-7e8ce6624ed0}viewName:{7364a843-c7f2-47d8-b4a3-5dc7381b6248} 
LOG: Inside if block 
LOG: Before: javaScript:ExportHailStorm('tasks','https:\u002f\u002fserver\u002fsapulces\u002fdarbu_parskata','{fe89e809-7de4-4f43-9bc2-7e8ce6624ed0}','Uz\u0146\u0113muma darbu p\u0101rskata sapulce','Uzdevumi','\u002fsapulces\u002fdarbu_parskata\u002fLists\u002fUzdevumi','','\u002fsapulces\u002fdarbu_parskata\u002fLists\u002fUzdevumi'); 
LOG: After: javaScript:ExportHailStorm('tasks','https:\u002f\u002fserver\u002fsapulces\u002fdarbu_parskata','{7364a843-c7f2-47d8-b4a3-5dc7381b6248}','Uz\u0146\u0113muma darbu p\u0101rskata sapulce','Uzdevumi','\u002fsapulces\u002fdarbu_parskata\u002fLists\u002fUzdevumi','','\u002fsapulces\u002fdarbu_parskata\u002fLists\u002fUzdevumi'); 

As you can see, the function argument (third one) has been replaced with a view id instead of list id.

Don't forget to remove console.log statements before deploying, because if IE doesn't have web developer tools, javascript will crash there.

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There is a view in task list called My tasks that displays only task assigned to current logged in user. If I could connect this view to outlook, it would be great. –  Shankar Apr 5 '11 at 10:39
Published it. syncspviewoutlook.codeplex.com –  Janis Veinbergs Apr 6 '11 at 8:16
@Janis: Thank you very much!!! –  Shankar Apr 8 '11 at 4:27
@Janis:I get the following error in outlook: Task 'SharePoint' reported error (0x80004005) : 'An error occured in the SharePoint List Try updating the folder again. If the problem continues, contact the Sharepoint site administrator. HTTP 500. The server returned the following error message: Server was unable to process request. ---> Invalid URL provided contains an Invalid Command or VAlue. Pleae check the URL again. ---> Invalid URL parameter The URL provided contains an invalid Command or Value. Please check the URL again. I have copied the script along with my question –  Shankar May 18 '11 at 5:02
You may have to file up you visual studio debugger to see if 1. outlook requests sucessfully get redirected to OutlookLists.asmx 2. items are queried from SP sucessfully 3. what is the response that is beoing sent to Outlook. This will help identify where the problem is more closer. Also what version of Outlook are you using? I didn't try outlook 2003, but 2007. –  Janis Veinbergs May 18 '11 at 7:24

Were these tasks created from a workflow? this is a known issue with SharePoint 2007.



You could try setting the read/edit permissions to "only their own", but i think that breaks approval/alerts from working

I believe the problem is fixed in SharePoint 2010, i think tasks get created with fine-grained permissions per task.

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Yes the tasks were created from workflows. the task can be approved only by the person who has been assigned the task and the administrator. My application is in MOSS 2007 and migration to Sharepoit 2010 is definitely in the pipeline, but will take some time. –  Shankar Apr 5 '11 at 3:35

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