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I am a newbie to android but i need to make use of android nfc for my final year project. i followed some tutorial using the adam rocker source code for my NFCTest from this:


please can i get anyone to assist me in making this source code be able to read and write nfc tags and also launch an application

Thanks in anticpation

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The NDEF Tools for Android utility project helps doing the following

  1. Detect, then
  2. Read or write, or
  3. Beam (push) NFC content

The project also includes data bindings for all standardized NDEF record types, which really simplifies things compared to working with the (byte-array-based) NDEF classes included in the Android SDK ;-)

Also see the NFC Eclipse plugin for a graphical NDEF editor - comes with an utility app which reads and writes to tags and beams, also has NFC reader integration :-)

By the way, you are looking for the Android Application Record for launching the app. The launching 'feature' does not require any real implementation; it is built into Android >= 4.0, so putting that record on a tag is enough.

Edit: Updated links

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I think the code you found refers to the pre 2.3.3 era. At this point it was not able to write a tag, but with Android 2.3.3 this is possible. There is no need trying to hack the system and write tags like this.

Have a look at the NFC Demo Project: http://developer.android.com/resources/samples/NFCDemo/index.html

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