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Netbeans seems inconsistent with folding comments in my Java code. Sometimes I can fold the comments, and sometimes I cannot. Any help? Thank you.

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Also Check:

Tools --> Options -- > Editor

There are a heap of check boxes there to configure default folding.

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Right click on you Java code navigate to

Code Folds -> Collapse All Javadoc

This will fold all the comments....

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Don't see the option? –  Piyush Mattoo Apr 5 '11 at 5:52

I figured out why:

To fold code comments in java, you need two asterisks, like this:


as opposed to just


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Aaah, that would be because /** is a Javadoc Comment, where as /* is just for multi-line "non-javadoc" comments. –  edwardsmatt Apr 7 '11 at 23:15

You can also include something like

// <editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc="stuff to be collapsed">
/* start of comment
// </editor-fold>
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