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I am kinda a noob when it comes to interacting with servers. I have been using Eclipse for some time, but only now have I needed to utilize the javax.servlet.* classes. However, when I try to import these into the current class I am working with I get "The import javax.servlet cannot be resolved." I have tried following solutions found on other questions, but they don't seem to work for me. Any help would be much appreciated.

I have looked into the directory where my classes are.. I have javax.(stuff) but not javax.servlet.

Thank you!

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You should get the Eclipse Web Development Tool plugin for your eclipse. check out here or go to

Help->Software updates->available softwares select web development tools

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Find where java-serlvet.api is and append it to your build classpath. For example, in Tomcat 6, it's in TOMCAT_DIR\lib, in Jetty 6 it's in JETTY_DIR\lib too.

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you can add the web tools platform for Eclipse. Download it from here.

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