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char greet[] = "hello mate";

movl foo, %eax\n\

How do I move greet[0] into a register such as %eax?

My guess:

char greet[] = "hello mate";

movl $_greet, %ebx\n\
movl (%ebx), %eax\n\

But, I'm getting a memory error.

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greet[1] or greet[0]? Why is it an int[], not a char[]? – kennytm Apr 5 '11 at 6:04
ahhh! mistakes. my bad, let me fix it. My heads all cloudy from the thinking. – Strawberry Apr 5 '11 at 6:05

If greet is a local variable __asm__ would not be able to reference it automatically. You may need to use an assembler template:

int main () {
    char greet[] = "hello mate";

        "movzbl (%0), %%eax\n"
        : : "r"(greet) : "%eax"
    //      ^            ^ do not touch %eax
    //      '- set %0 to a register storing `greet`

    // now %eax should store 'h' (0x68).

    return 0;
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