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How can I make Emacs execute something like

(ess-eval-linewise "cat(date(), '\\n')" t nil nil nil)

each time ess is running and Emacs has been idle for a certain amount of time and somewhere around the moment it stops being idle?

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I have no experience with ess but you can use run-with-idle-timer to run a command when Emacs has been idle for a given amount of time.

You can wrap the line above in a function and give it to this function and have it execute everytime Emacs is idle for the given amount of time.

For details on using the function, take a look at the wiki.

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I tried that, but it only does a half of the work. I need one more execution of the command at the end of idle time, which is the tricky part for me. – Raimondas Apr 5 '11 at 6:23

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