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I am new to android applications dev . I am preparing an application which should display Admob at the bottom, for that i crated an ac in Admob and got a publisher id and placed in my code.

But client gave me integration details as

adunit ID -

xxxx (five digit number)

Here is the app ID:

0axxxxxb-xxdx-xxxa-xxxx-cxxbxxxxxaxx (here x's are numbers)

my question is, are both adunit id and publisher id same? If so I have publisher id with 15 dig number...but adunit id is only 5 dig what should i do now?

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Why don't you ask admob? –  Heiko Rupp Apr 5 '11 at 6:24
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I would say it's the same thing based on the official Admob's documentations

The five lines of code it takes to add a banner:

  • Import com.google.ads.*
  • Declare an AdView instance
  • Create it, specifying a unit ID—your AdMob publisher ID
  • Add the view to the UI
  • Load it with an ad

Clarify with your client.

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