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I would like to check an exception object type in Android that I am returning from a function along with other data. I was using the following however this would also trigger for the subclass SSLPeerUnverifiedException which is something I don't want to occur.

if (args.exception instanceof SSLException)) {
    // TODO Exception Error

I then changed this to the following however I thought there maybe a better comparison check rather than comparing strings.

String exceptionName = args.exception.getClass().getSimpleName();
if (exceptionName.equals("SSLException")) {
   // TODO Exception Error
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Would it work if you caught both SSLException and SSLPeerUnverifiedException explicitly, and in the catch block of SSLPeerUnverifiedException you'd just rethrow the exception?

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No that doesn't work with the pattern I am using. –  Luke Apr 5 '11 at 9:07

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