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I have a problem in VS2005. When I try to search files with the regular expressions option I just get an error message stating

Unknown argument for ':' operator. Complete Regular Expression required in search string.

The pattern that i'm trying to use is valid, and works in other text editors it is:


How do I get this pattern working with VS2005 search?

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This is working :


But I think there is a mistake in .+? part. Wtihout it I can get matches for that :

// <asp:textboxtype="text"
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The question mark is there to hint the ".+" to not be too greedy. But you are correct after escaping those characters and removing the question mark it seems to work fine, thanks. – James Feb 16 '09 at 22:40

The specific cause of your error is that visual studio regular expression searching uses : to indicate character types, and :te isn't a character property. Escaping the : with a \ will cause it to be read as a :.

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try: < asp\:textbox.+?(type="text"|size=|autocomplete=|class=|value=)

(blank between less-than and "asp" added to appease wmd editor. It shouldn't be there)

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No go, it still doesn't work. – James Feb 16 '09 at 22:27

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