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So, I am surfing around in the Google, using different keywords for finding a nice blog that would have great and exciting demos with how-to's about web design and programming. But efforts have no results, all I found were some old blogs.

I know one place that I visit oftenly: But this blog is has even too much stuff and also pretty much with exclusive content, to see you gotta pay.

My question is: "What blog's do you often visit to find some new cool stuff that can be easily implemented on your website?"

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this are pretty good blogs

25 Web Development Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Mentioned it already:) – Marko Apr 5 '11 at 7:02
sorry didn't notice :D – Headshota Apr 5 '11 at 7:03

Those are my favorites. They often feature great jQuery plugins, blog themes etc. And other than that.. is always great for Wordpress blog news.

But really, what I like to do is snoop out new features on new blogs, and type in a more direct query (such as "How to implement Facebook LIKE Counter on your blog" and do the research). Once you know which feature/function you want to replicate, you'll get a better search result! :)

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